Pool Repair Fort Lauderdale

Pool Repair Fort Lauderdale

Did little cracks in your concrete swimming pool make you shut down your swimming pool and look for alters elsewhere? Have these damages taken away the pool fun you and your kids used to have in your home? Are you looking for pool repair in Fort Lauderdale?

Swimming in your own pool is a true blessing and real joy, but the damage in the same pool can be terrifying. A damaged swimming pool in a hotel/resort or other similar places also affects their business reputation.

Everyone loves swimming, but no one loves a damaged swimming pool. You are at the right place at the right time. Luck has already started working your way because now the Pooldudes are coming up for your pool rescue.

Types of Pools We Check

There is no type! We work with whatever you have in Lauderdale. We hope this offer has relieved some burden off your shoulders. 

Mentioned below are some of the methods that we use depending upon the damages:

  1. Applying Putty: Little damages and cracks in the pool lead to massive issues later. Using putty is a quick repairing method that is best for minor surface cracks. It causes the putty to blend into your pool and forms a seamless surface along with the surrounding surface.
  1. Plastering: This method is used for cracks that are slightly bigger than minor surface cracks but smaller than major surface cracks- in between both. You will have to drain the pool before applying this technique. Plastering is a bit more complex than applying putty, but it perfectly repairs your swimming pool, like a new one.
  1. Stapling: Stapling is used if the crack in your swimming pool runs across your pool floor and down to the pool wall. As the name indicates, this method involves drilling, stitching, and plaster coating. 
  1. Injecting Epoxy: This method is used to repair cracks that run to your pool shell. Injecting epoxy is the most reliable and lasting technique as it fills all voids from front to back of the pool. 
  1. Applying Fresh Caulk: If you think the weather is taking a toll on your pool, leading to unnecessary contraction and expansion, applying fresh caulk is the perfect and outstanding fix. 

Why choose us

At Pooldudes, we let our quality speak for itself. From our pool cleaning technician to our lighting technician, each employee is given special training to be the best in his/her field. 

Pooldudes aim to deliver high-tech services to its customers because its priority is winning customers’ hearts through responsiveness, commitment, and quality.

Our well-trained team always seeks to adopt new strategies and technologies to deliver the latest and advanced services to our customers. The Pooldudes respond to all your queries, and feedback promptly and efficiently. If you are looking for pool repair in Fort Lauderdale, Contact us today to schedule a pool cleaning.

We commit; we will keep providing you with these valuable and reliable services and customer support because nothing is above your satisfaction.