Pool Service Fort Lauderdale

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale

Do you have a pool in your house that you have been avoiding lately? Are you keeping it empty just because maintaining check and balance on it dreads you? If so, don’t worry, because we know pool maintenance is like a nightmare. If you need pool service in Fort Lauderdale we can help!

Despite keeping a pool in check being stressful, running away from it is not a wise solution. Did you know that swimming is a healthy exercise that involves all your muscles? Hence, no need to run away from swimming because Pooldudes have got your back wherever you are in Lauderdale.

Pooldudes is the name of quality, reliable, and up-to-mark pool services. From our pool cleaning technician to our lighting technician, each employee is well-trained and highly professional.

Do you want to know what services Pooldudes offer you? Let’s explore!

Services We Offer 

We offer a diverse range of the following services;

  1. Pool Cleaning: The most essential and useful service that we offer at Pooldudes is pool cleaning. We understand the importance of hygiene and ensure that our customers get above the best. 

Our cleaning service involves skimming leaves and debris first and then vacuuming the pool later. We also clean the skimmer and pressure baskets. After washing the pool walls and tiles, we also clean the filter and waterline tile to ensure cleanliness inside out. 

In the end, we verify the water chemistry: ph, and composition to ensure safe swimming standards and to safeguard from water-related diseases. 

  1. Pressure Wash: Our experienced technicians are provided with the latest technological gadgets that enable the smoothest and most effective pressure wash of both the pool and deck. The high pressure delivers deep cleaning and even removes resilient algae. 

So, if your pool has become a home to that green intruder, feel free to call us!

  1. Pool Inspection: The team of Pooldudes consists of experts who are always ready to inspect your pool critically. We prepare a detailed report of inspection and give practical solutions to our clients regarding their pool issues. 

Therefore, if you ever get confused about your pool, you can get our expert service for a thorough inspection, worthy suggestions, and practical solutions.

  1. Pool Lighting: Pool parties are the best memory one can have with a pool. The perfect pool party has the perfect in-pool lighting system that creates exciting vibes. 

Our company provides advanced and safe lighting services to make your mood pleasant. Repairing pool bulbs is also an offer you may want to consider. 

  1. Pool Maintenance:  This service checks the right amount of chlorine and other related chemicals to ensure that the water is suitable for your skin and has no harmful effects on the body. 

Types of Pools We Check

There is no type! We work with whatever you have in Lauderdale. We hope this offer has relieved much burden off your shoulders. 

Why Choose Us

At Pooldudes, we let our quality speak for itself. From our pool cleaning technician to our lighting technician, each employee is given special training to be the best in his/her field. 

Pooldudes aim to deliver high-tech services to its customers because its top priority is winning customers’ hearts through responsiveness, commitment, and quality.

Our well-trained team always seeks to adopt new strategies and technologies to deliver the latest and advanced services to our customers. The Pooldudes responds to all your queries, complaints, and feedback promptly and efficiently. If you are looking for pool service in Fort Lauderdale contact us today.

We commit; we will keep providing you with these valuable and reliable services and customer support because nothing is above your satisfaction.